Our mission is to help you help others.

Since 2017, GHR Travel Nursing been part of the GHR family. We partner with hospitals, private practices, rehab centers, insurance companies, outpatient clinics, schools, skilled nursing facilities, physician practice management groups and other healthcare facilities, to provide the staff necessary to keep up with a growing census and increased Medicare and government mandates.

Our travel nursing recruiters are committed to making a positive impact on the customers we work with — our nurses, our clients, and the patients they serve. That’s why our partners consider us to be among the best travel nursing companies.

We put the right person, on the right job, at the right time. Every time.


To help you help others.

What we do allows the agencies we support and the people we place to provide quality nursing to the children they serve.


Finding the right person, for the right job, at the right time. Because it matters.

By knowing our clients and those we place, we can match the perfect person with the perfect job. Every time.


These core beliefs drive everything we do:

  •   Work hard
  •   Create a company we love
  •   Do it right
  •   Make everything matter
  •   Be determined

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  • Considerations For Being a Travel Nurse with a Family August 12, 2019
    As all families are different, travel nursing with a family requires creativity in finding solutions for a particular set of family-related circumstances. There are questions that all traveling nurses ask themselves before accepting an assignment:
  • Debunking the Myths of Travel Nursing August 7, 2019
    Travel nurses are believed to have first made their appearance in the late 1970s in New Orleans, LA. With a census spike resulting from the city’s Mardi Gras festivities, travel nurses were hired to help combat the nursing shortage.
    Donny Wright
  • Elkin, GHR Healthcare CEO, to Speak at Health Care Recruitment Conference July 30, 2019
    Industry Expert to Share Recruitment Strategy Insights Dallas, TX, July 30, 2019 – Janet Elkin, President and CEO of GHR Healthcare (parent company of GHR Travel Nursing), will be a featured speaker at the 45th Health Care Recruitment Conference hosted by the National Association of Health Care Recruiters (NAHCR) being held in Philadelphia, PA July […]