Buffalo, New York

Based in Buffalo, New York, GHR Travel Nursing works with nurses and healthcare facilities across the United States. Whether you’re looking for your first travel assignment or are a seasoned travel pro, our team of experienced travel nursing recruiters works with you to find the perfect assignment, location, and setting to meet your needs.

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GHR Travel Nursing has you covered. We understand the travel nursing market and are experts in working with travelers. We your partner for every step of the way, from helping you evaluate opportunities to learning about the best places to eat in your next destination.

Buffalo, New York Location:

300 Airborne Parkway
Suite 330
Buffalo, NY 14225
Phone: 888-614-7123

Toll-Free: 888-614-7123
Email: info@ghrtravelnursing.com
Phone: 716-328-1030

Hours of Operation: 8 to 5 and 24/7 On Call Coverage