Buffalo, New York Office

Our local offices provide the GHR Nursing National Support Center, a sourcing and recruiting network in key geographic markets, including our New York office located in Buffalo, NY. Providing valuable insight into the local market, these experts give us a physical presence to assist in our placement of caring, flexible and highly qualified travel nurses.

Looking for travel nursing jobs in New York?

GHR Travel Nursing has you covered. Our nurse recruiters are experts in working with travelers, you’ll always have a partner who understands travel nursing and the factors that make your local region unique.

Buffalo, New York Office:

300 Airborne Parkway
Suite 330
Buffalo, NY 14225
Phone: 888-614-7123

Please contact our National Headquarters for your recruiting or employment needs:

Phone: 716-328-1030
Toll-Free: 1-800-879-4471
General Fax: 800-493-3400
Human Resources Fax: 888-701-2089
Payroll Fax: 888-834-7208

Email: info@ghresources.com