Helpful Hints for Timely Pay

  • The payroll week runs from Sunday through Saturday.
  • GHR timecards may be submitted after your last shift is worked for the week, and are due no later than the Sunday following the end of the pay week.
  • Ask your recruiter if there are any hospital specific timekeeping requirements that you need to follow.

Questions to Ask About Your Assignment

  • Ask about guaranteed hours, and cancellation policy.
  • Ask about gross vs estimated net weekly pay.
  • Ask about the hospital:  Name, Size, Trauma Level, Type.
  • If overtime is quoted, ask if it is guaranteed.


Tiffany Bennet is GHR Travel Nursing’s full time Travel Concierge. Her goal is to assist you in locating lodging opportunities for your travel assignment. Here are some things she will need to know in order to help assist you.

  • What is your planned move in date?
  • When do you plan to more out?
  • What is your daily, weekly, or monthly lodging budget?
  • Will you be relying on public transportation to get around?
  • How close to the facility would you like to be?
  • Will other people be traveling with you on this assignment?
  • Are you open to a B&B option?
  • Will you be bringing any pets along?
  • What special requests or needs do you have?

Location and Tips Guide

1. Travelocity

Things To Do

2. License guide

Here is a link to RN License requirements, by state, with links to the state board of nursing sites.

3. Compact state license guide

Current state license information

4. Basic compliance list

  • Application, with education and work history
  • Skills Checklist
  • Nursing License Verification
  • Negative Office of Inspector General Search
  • 2 Supervisor References
  • BLS and ACL

5. Link to (American Hospital Directory)

Free hospital directory search