Yes, we offer four different Blue Cross Blue Sheild plans, each with different costs and coverages, to suite your needs.  In addition to receiving a generous employer contribution toward the weekly cost of your health insurance plan, Travel Nurses working for GHR qualify for coverage the first of the month, following the assignment start date.

GHR complies with State and Local laws that require the earning and accrual of employer Paid Time Off (PTO).  For assignments outside of such jurisdictions, GHR provides your recruiter with the flexibility to structure compensation packages to maximize your earnings.

YES, but you should speak with your recruiter about this, prior to your submission to the client for consideration.  The experienced recruiters at GHR Travel Nursing may try to maximize your compensation, by accounting for these things in other ways.   It is important to collaborate with your recruiter as early as possible, about the things that are most important to you.

Yes, your recruiter has some flexibility carve out, and pay part of your compensation in the form of a bonus.  Some travelers may want money in the first or second week of the assignment.  Others prefer to have money set aside for the end of the contract.  We encourage you to continuously communicate your needs and wants throughout the recruitment process.

Check out our Referral Partners Program.

YES, GHR provides you with per diem allowance for each and every day that you are living and working away from home on your assignment.  This allowance is specifically to pay for meals, lodging, and incidental expenses associated with working out of time.

If you know that you will need time off prior to the start of your assignment, you should share that with your recruiter during your initial discussions about any opportunity you may be considering.  That way we can include a request for the time off, when we send your profile to the client.  If you have a need for time off after accepting an offer, or beginning an assignment, it is best to make such a request face to face, with the nurse manager at the facility.

Yes, ask your recruiter to send you the details on how you can receive additional compensation from GHR, when you refer a friend who takes an assignment with GHR.

GHR receives new orders for travel nurses constantly.  It is important to provide us with minimal information up front, so that we can respond promptly, and submit you to opportunities without having to ask you for additional information.  Normally, all we need up front from you is contact information, education and work history, a completed skills checklist for your specialty, copies of your BLS and ACLS, and two supervisor references.  All other compliance needed to put you to work will only be asked for after you accept an assignment.